Saturday, May 1, 2010


We have a dog.  She came to us yesterday afternoon. The neighbors are finishing packing up. They will be moving permanently  into their apartment tonight.
We took her shopping this morning. Got her a new collar and a tag with our contact information on it. The Home Away database just needs to be updated. Her owners gave us all her vet info and paperwork, so that is good to have. We stocked up on food and treats and got her a couple toys.. Frontline Plus as well.
I am really happy to have a dog,  she is a really good dog.  Only problem is that under the circumstances, i feel like i'm taking someone's best friend away.

But its really nice to have a dog!

This morning i got up early and sprayed  the apple trees again, this is their second treatment. The buds are swelling and getting bright pink and i have to spray this round before the buds open up or i will be endangering any bees that try to pollinate them. I love bees so i don't want to cause any problems for them. 

Wish i could own my own bees.  Maybe someday.

My dad came over with two huge loads of the compost/topsoil.  It is gorgeous.  He thinks he might be able to stop by and put the tiller into it tomorrow. Yay!