Friday, May 16, 2014

Tomatoes are in!

From the back to the front, two of each:
San Marzano "Providence Acres"
Pruden's Purple
Elberta Girl
San Marzano Lampidina
Cherokee Purple

In the open space without plastic i planted Sugar Snap peas. I have not grown peas in years.  The last time i tried was when we first bought this house.  A woodchuck mowed them down.  I only planted them in a small windowbox shaped container hoping for just a handful of something home-grown.   It was only the beginning of my woodchuck woes.

Four days ago i got the potatoes planted.  The forecast called for rain the next 3 days in a row.  The rain never materialized until tonight.   Here are the potatoes, cut up for planting.  Adirondack Blue and Red:

Stanley Prune Plum is later blooming than it was  last year. Its first ever bloom was Mother's Day last year, this is two days after for this year:
Today,  the buds are becoming white but are still tightly closed.

This is my male Seabuckthorn, i think he is blooming.  I want to ask the owners of another blog i follow to see what they say.
I can't tell if my female "Titan" is in bloom or not and i don't know how important it is for her to bloom  while he is....   i got both plants from Raintree and i'll be extremely miffed if their bloom times are incompatible since they only offer one,  unnamed variety of "male" seabuckthorn.