Friday, July 22, 2011


Its simply hot out there.  Its 8:30 am and we are at 87 degrees.  My corn is curling.

9:00 am,  89 degrees

We got a little heat lightning last night, but no rain.  Still expecting another rainless week going forward. Temps are expected to go down to the 70's though. That will feel downright chilly compared to this heat. lol

I can't reach the corn with the sprinkler since i added the extra row this year. I'll have to make sure i plant something tolerant of dryness there next year. Or get a sprinkler with a stronger spray.
I'm glad i'm not relying on a corn crop or had planted sweet corn.  I'm sure this corn can handle a good deal of drought,  but i still need to go hand water. 
I think a few more blueberries will be ready again today, but i'm not going out there to pick them.  I don't even want to open the door to get the mail out of the mailbox but i have to cause my kefir might be in!

[11 am, 98 degrees, yikes!]

Oh another note i'd like to make. I think i won't bother with Kohlrabi next year.  I love the stuff but it requires too much prep and then i'm not sure what to do with it.  It needs to be peeled-  broccoli only needs soaking.... so for something that tastes like sweet broccoli stem i think i'll stick to broccoli. Kohlrabi is too much work to peel and too much waste in leaves and skin- besides the flavor is redundant next to broccoli.

Just checked the mail...

My kefir came in! So i have it in its jar with a lid made from a coffee filter.  The first batch is to revive it, so it will be discarded,  tomorrow i'll get some i can drink.

Some other pics from the other day... since i'm not setting foot outside!

Elderberry buds, bigger but not opening yet.

Some tiny flowers that show up in the lawn
 Clarke's Heavenly Blue morning glory