Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Where is the sun?

On the 14th we had a  barely sunny day- that was the day i planted most of the garden.  On the 21st, we finally had a sunny day-  well most of it anyway. There were a few thunder storms that rolled through, but it was nice enough.

Now we are back to the grey weather.

Surprisingly, the tomatoes look pretty happy. I can' get a good look at the rest of things.  Its too yucky out to play with wet row cover...  the rest of the garden looks pretty boring.  No sign of anything sprouting besides the radishes.

It is supposed to be warm tody-  70-'s even without the sun. I'll take it!

One thing  i have already decided this year that i will not do again is direct seed.  The rain has mostly drummed out my stations and it will be a while before i can distinguish my plants from the weeds. The extra effort of  filling seed trays and keeping the mini greenhouse from flying away is well worth preventing my weeding out my broccoli and coddling a weed by mistake.

I'm already quite worried this mistake (direct seeding) is going to become a serious problem shortly.
I'm almost considering simply going to the local greenhouse and buying their seedlings before its too late.