Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Setting up the greenhouse and seedling shots.

So,  last week hubby bought me this:

 photo IMG_20130406_180316_942_zps7a8a1a6f.jpg

I finally got to set it up yesterday.

 photo IMG_20130415_092702_016_zps79735219.jpg

I didn't really expect so many parts.  Working from the parts list,  everything was present.

First round:
 photo IMG_20130415_104651_801_zps22f092d9.jpg

Second round:
 photo IMG_20130415_105434_373_zps9af509d2.jpg

Third round:
 photo IMG_20130415_111048_205_zps8bcffb14.jpg

 photo IMG_20130415_111935_387_zpsde3062b8.jpg

I didn't bother to put on the plastic cover yet.  It needs to be staked down first or it will blow over.

I think it took me about an hour,  seems sturdy enough,  it is lightweight,  but its easy to move.  Staking will make up for the weight.  I wouldn't call it flimsy,  but its not a brick house by any means!

Now for the seedlings.

The goji are coming up nicely
 photo IMG_20130412_194725_621_zpscd9dcacb.jpg

Nasturtiums, basil, borage, schizandra and Ancient sweet peppers.
 photo IMG_20130414_113415_905_zps2d90d3d0.jpg

The basil came up quickly and the Ancient pepper seeds must have been extremely fresh because all three seeds are up faster than any pepper seeds i have ever grown. No signs of sprouting from the schizandra though.


 photo IMG_20130414_113334_999_zps9e8e8424.jpg

More have come up since i took this picture on Saturday.  Looks like all but one pot sprouted in the last couple days.  I expect that last one will come up soon.

Aunt Molly's ground cherries and broccoli.  The bubbles brussels sprouts never came up.  I'll reuse the pots with some more nasturtium seeds.

 photo IMG_20130414_113256_376_zps20f13b15.jpg

The leonotis isn't coming up,  but the tea hibiscus are.  The green shiso is up,  but the red is not.  Then the red Russian kale,  2 out of 3 appeared.
 photo IMG_20130414_113212_585_zps8ff320d7.jpg

Zsazsa peppers, Snapper peppers and Raveena eggplant.  One Zsazsa pepper came up eventually, then the other two began to come up...but they haven't moved a bit since.  One single parsley came up.

 photo IMG_20130414_113127_214_zpse0752d8e.jpg

Lilac buds are swelling:
 photo IMG_20130414_165146_681_zps76821685.jpg

The maples are beginning to bloom.
Apple tree's buds are starting to get bigger.  Elderberries are waking up,  i noticed the cherry plants are looking like they are waking up too.  The seabuckthorn are putting out some tiny leaves.  I pruned the Stanley plum a little yesterday and released him from his stake.

I'll take more and better pics when i don't have to keep one eye trained on an active 4-year-old child!  lol