Friday, May 28, 2010

Lilac Wine, part 3

I got the wine in the secondary, the glass carboy.  It has a nice blush shade to it. It is rather cloudy but that will settle out with frequent transferring.
I took some pictures but i don't have time to post them, i will edit them in later.  I mainly wanted to record the activity so i know what days to count from for the next steps.
So far the taste is pleasant, apple like , slightly bitter... i have no idea if that goes away as it continues to ferment, age and such. There is also a pleasant floral scent, it seems to retain that, it still does not quite smell like lilacs, but its nice anyhow.  Maybe the scent will concentrate when its bottled and the vapors won't be vented through airlocks.
So far things seem to be going well.