Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Frost advisory for tonight.

Looks like gardening season may come to a close earlier than normal this year. Its September 19,  normally we're frost free  until  within a week of  October first.  Its just an advisory, however, but it is a definite sign of the end of summer.

In a way, i'll be glad to get everything taken apart and put away. Since the tomatoes got blighted i have not weeded and things are looking pretty bad out there!

Other than the ground cherries, nothing has really been providing any longer.  Well...besides the kale.

Last night's heavy wind and rain blew the Jerusalem artichokes around quite a bit.  They are still pretty much upright, but they are leaning in all directions.  I think after a hard frost hits, i'll have hubby take the heavy duty weed whacking blade to the stalks, clear them away and start digging as needed.

We'll be weed whacking the rest of the garden too.  Hubby wants to rake all the plant trash into a pile and burn it this fall so the garden will be cleaner in the spring.  i guess its worth a try.