Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just thinking

I tried getting some more radishes, but i guess i'm expecting them to be ready too soon..?  Its a mix of types but all i pulled seem to be about the size of my thumb nail or not much larger.  Its been warm, i thought radishes just got hotter, not slower. I seem to forget every year. lol

When the rainy weather ends, i'll plant the next round of green beans. Hopefully i'm inundated gradually this year.

My summer squashes seem to be recovering nicely since being dusted.  I'm just sevining everything before it blooms.  The bugs are wicked this year.  The number of toes-up striped cucumber beetles that appear under the plants the day after dusting has been astounding! I hate to use it, but i think the garden would be a total failure this year without it.

I haven't seen many cabbage butterflies so far,  though i saw a number of them earlier in spring. I haven't been dusting the coles so i don't think its that.

I don't like posting entries without pictures but its too wet and now its dark. :o)