Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Woodchuck #2 has been apprehended....

My sources say that a 10 mile ride is about right for relocation. We know of a few places where a woodchuck won't become someone else's problem, will be able to quickly make itself at home and have plenty of forage.

I used the Mantis as a weed-eater in the walking rows of the garden.  Well, most of them anyway... the vining plants are taking over too widely and were in the way too much. I got what i could.  It clogged up  the tines quite a bit!  I also snapped my wrist good and sharp with the handle of the starter cord. Right where i got a cortizone shot for tendinitis around this time last year. I really hope it won't inflame again!

I also carved out the rest of the area that needs weed fabric and will become home to the Beach Plums and whatever else i come up with.

We got about an inch of rain last night, we are now right about where we should be for average rainfall this year. I treated the tomatoes for blights since its a preventative thing. The alternative is for them to contract it themselves and be part of the spreading of it. I'd rather that not happen.
Almost all of the plants have a green fruit on them by now.

I just got back from the dentist, needed my one filling replaced,  it was loose.  They had to numb me to the eyebrow cause i kept feeling it. So i'm not feeling all that well.  Anxiety attacks are awful.