Monday, February 11, 2013

Looking around online...

I wanted to know more about the type of hibiscus that is often found in herbal teas.  I found that it is a plant often called sorrel, roselle, and even Florida cranberry.

 Here's a website with photos:
Discover the many uses of the Roselle plant.

And a website with a nice video:
Roselle, Plant of the Week

 So...  now that i know what it is called,  i of course want to find out if i can grow it myself...
 Looks possible,  but it needs a lot of room... 3 foot spacing minimum- but it can be container grown.  I think if i decide to try it,  i'll go with the container option.  I have a nice 30 gallon rubber tub that i could fill with soil.
Dave's Garden

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