Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Stanley Prune Plum in Flower

He bloomed for me on Mother's Day :o)

 photo IMG_20130512_133044_225_zpsb9678413.jpg

We got some much needed rain over the last few days and warm temps,  its been nice.  Today (Monday) is feeling cold by comparison.  Its about 50 degrees out,  we've been spoiled by high 60's and mid 70's.

(Tuesday)  Last night we did have frost warnings.  I worried a bit about the prune plum blossoms,  but there was not much i could do about it,  so i just brought my seedlings in and went to bed.  Looks like we escaped the frost because the blooms all look fine.

The apple tree is about to bloom,  so i went for one more spraying with Bonide.   Its not easy since i had to use the hand pump sprayer,  not as efficient as the hose end sprayer.  Hopefully i gave it a good enough soaking.  I hit the grapes too.

Looks like i got close to 100% germination on my squash, melon and cuke seeds:

 photo IMG_20130513_121819_101_zps202d4d19.jpg

And it looks like i'll get blooms from the Autumn Olive this year too:
 photo IMG_20130514_121620_282_zps032b9955.jpg

My dad came and tilled the garden once more:

 photo IMG_20130513_123612_201_zps1f04b50d.jpg

Hopefully this week,  i'll get the rows dug out and the black plastic mulch laid out so i can plant next week!