Sunday, April 9, 2017

List of started seeds and irritations with tech.

I wanted to post some pics of current and recent things but i can't seem to get my blog - email - photo saving - phone gallery and etcetera to sync up. I've had this problem before and had found a workaround for it but that no longer ....  works.

So,  yep.  Gotta find something else to get through that. So annoying.

I did get my dates and seed names to list here:

On January 29, 2017


Carolina Reaper
King og the North (sweet)
Doorknob (sweet)
one seed of Purple Marconi that did not manage to germinate


Shooting Stars
Black Beauty

March 14, 2017


Cherokee Purple
Ukrane Purple
Pineapple Bicolor
Chocolate Miracle
Old German

And some Aunt Molly's ground cherries (finally got an early start on those after intending to for about 3 years-  but i always get volunteers even when i forget entirely.)

Yesterday the last (and hope to goodness) seed orders came in...   though i still need both purple and green shiso seeds if i don't have any more....   um,  to begin that sentence again:  The last full seed order arrived and i got to planting.


Ivory Pear Tomato
Edible chrysanthemum
Sabre Heirloom Ukranian tomato
Dwarf Tamarillo
Rosso Sicilian tomato  (free giftie packet)
Fox's Nose tomato
Garden Berry litchi
Black Krim tomato
Pruden's Purple tomato
Riesentraube tomato
Belyi Sakhar - White Sugar tomato (free giftie)
Black Vernissage tomato (free giftie)
Mitoyo Eggplant
Manganji sweet pepper (Japan)

So,  with 3 free gift tomato packets i overdid it on the 'maters again.  I also kinda forgot how many i had already planted. This is the hazard of not making lists! LOL

the only tomatoes i really was dead set on planting were the Cherokees, Pruden's, Supersauce, Fox's Nose and Ivory Pear.  However,  i'm not really complaining!