Wednesday, May 2, 2012


My kale seeds are beginning to come up (outdoors i figure they can handle the chilly weather we are having now).  My tomato seedlings are getting their second set of leaves...  the Aunt Molly's are up too..  Two of the Banana Legs have done nothing,  one more day on those and i'll reseed.  Its almost time to start the cukes and squashes.  I never do those very early,  even under 4 lights they get leggy on me.

My Raintree order is expected to arrive tomorrow with my Sea Buckthorns, Gojis, Beach Plums and 2 Elderberries.

The Carmine Jewel cherry plants are looking good in their little pots.

So far the apple tree has not bloomed,  its blossoms are pink in bud right now, but i'm glad there are no blossoms,  there is nothing  out to really fertilize them right now anyway- too chilly.  Its been in the high 40's and mid 50's,  the bees are not out.

My dad came over last Friday and tilled,  he'll come over and till again when its time to plant.  We may get more manure if there is time.

There isn't much else going on right now,  i haven't gotten the non-fruiting plants or the dead, unnamed elderberry out yet.  Maybe this weekend?

Oh and i made a small order at Pinetree,  i had forgotten to order Delicata squash seeds.  I want to try them.  I also got more Provider bush beans as i was running out.  I also tried again to get Golden Zebra summer squash,  last year they had to substitute 49'r because they didn't have any more Golden Zebra.  I also  ordered some nylon trellis netting for the cucumbers to grow on.

That's it.