Sunday, February 17, 2013

Order up!

Started ordering things this weekend.
Went to Renee's Garden Seeds and got my hibiscus seeds,  then over to Pinetree and ordered a couple pounds of Adirondack Blue seed potatoes.  The picture at their website is not very good,  i don't think they are trying to be shady,  but the example photo is extremely blue, lol.  Anyway. I also bought some bush bean seeds for Dragon Langerie and Carson Yellow.  Oh and a nice sunflower mix.

I went through my stash and found that i am in the market for new tomato, cucumber, beet and broccoli seeds.
I only have 5 Beit Alpha cucumber seeds left and 5 Boston Pickling as well as 5 Spacemaster (which i think i'll skip this year).  I have plenty of Specialty White, but all these seeds are getting old and i expect maybe 2 plants out of the 5 seeds.

I have plenty of seed for the two varieties of San Marzano tomatoes (Lampadina and the ones i got from Providence Acres). I also have plenty of German Orange Strawberry. I don't think i grew those again last year.  The year before, they got horrible blossom end rot,  not a one was edible.  I also have plenty of Banana Legs left,  but we really didn't like them all that much. Too acidic, not very flavorful. The Sweet Chelsea cherry tomatoes crack and split like crazy...  not impressed.   I'm not sure if i will plant Pruden's Purple again this year.  Absolutely delicious tomato,  but last year the stem end scars and radial cracking were so big and deep, half the fruit was useless for slices.  It was annoying in years past,  but 2012 was unacceptable.

I only have a few beet seeds left,  not enough for even a small block of them,  so i will need to get a new packet of something.

I only have Waltham broccoli seeds left, though i have plenty.

There was something else i was sure i wanted...  but it has totally slipped my mind at the moment!
Well, on to studying the catalogs.

I may get some seeds for Starbor kale....  i honestly don't remember what became of the seeds.  There seems to be no evidence that i ever grew it.  I think i started some last year,  but they were no-shows...  its a mystery.