Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall Rreport-

Well i have a lot of catching up to do. I have been taking pictures as things go on so hopefully i'll manage to bust out a few entries about separate things in the next few days.

We were warned that we might have our first frost last Monday- but it didn't happen and as of now, there is no frost in sight according to the weather forecasts.  Normally for my area, the first frost comes before now (before October begins i think).  Its not making too much of a difference though, because the days are rather cool (high 50's to mid 60's) so there isn't a whole lot of growth or extended ripening going on.

We're getting rain today- its funny that we have gotten more rain in the last few weeks than we got all summer.  But that is just the way it goes.

Did i mention that i sort of let my summer squash go by too early.  It got away from me and i let the veggies get that gourdiness to them. There wasn't enough water going on i think.
So i didn't get to make as many squash chips like i had hoped i could.

Goodness, i'm so far behind i don't know where to start.  Maybe if i just start a few entries by subject, finish them off separately as i go and them publish them all when i'm done.
Sounds like a plan!