Thursday, April 4, 2013

Finally planted some more!

I got all of the tomatoes planted, the schizandra, some borage, basil, the Ancient sweet peppers and nasturtiums.

Cherokee Purple
Martino's Roma
Matt's Wild Cherry
Mortgage Lifter
San Marzano Lampadina
San Marzano from Providence Acres

Nasturtium- Trailing mix
Borage- common
Basil- Genovese

Sweet Peppers- Ancient

and 26 Schizandra Chinensis seeds.

I didn't take pictures of the dirt filled pots,  but i do have pics of things i saw in the last few days:

Not sure if this is a mushroom or a lichen.
 photo IMG_20130403_111343_393_zps95996c37.jpg

The colors were really that blue

And this is a picture of an oak leaf that melted straight into the ice:
 photo IMG_20130331_141751_722_zps67f49c06.jpg

I scraped a teeny bit of bark off one of my Carmine Jewel cherry plants and saw green!  Looks like this one made it ok so far
 photo IMG_20130330_174947_220_zpsd9ad48e3.jpg

Moving some pieces of wood,  i noticed one with what looks like toe prints
 photo IMG_20130403_114154_847_zpsf12b3a43.jpg

Garden looks so awful at this time of year.  Its hard to believe that in a few months it will be green again
 photo IMG_20130330_175121_448_zps8bd64a1c.jpg