Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Seeds....just a couple more.

And i do mean just a couple...

My Zsa Zsa peppers have not come up,  but the others have.  Never did have luck with Zsa Zsa.  I think in three tries i got plants once. Even with a heat pad,  nothing is happening.  The other sweet peppers (Snapper) have been up for days now.  I found out about a sweet pepper called Ancient Sweet (possibly heirloom?  -depends on the info source) that  i'd like to try, so i ordered some.  They are supposed to be about 1.5 times sweeter than red bells.  So why not try them instead.  I imagine that even if they don't ripen all the way,  they will be quite sweet at the green stage as well.  If they are not hybrids,  i can save the seeds.  They weren't as cheap as i'm used to.

Also,  while going thoroughly over the Pinetree website,  i found a melon called Minnesota Midget. Its a tiny, sweet melon on 3 foot vines.  Its inspired me to try melons just one more time.  Its a 60 day melon,  so i may have a shot.

Hubby won't be too happy because i had to transfer a couple dollars to buy them,  i'm already well over my share of the paycheck this week. However,  it cost less than one take-out lunch...which i never have but he does. lol

Oh,  and i started some Goji seeds for my mom.  Four pots,  3-5 seeds each.  If seedlings fail and my plants survived their first winter,  my other option is cuttings.