Sunday, July 17, 2011


Hubby helped me string the wires for the grapes-  well 2 of the lines anyway.  I may hold off on the last two strands until next year since they won't be needed until then.

Things are starting to look like they have a purpose though.

One thing i messed up on though- and this is a perfect example of my flakiness---  the two extra stakes i had in the ground at each side of the row....   i forgot i had those there so the two Edelweiss would be able to have 2 cordon arms like the rest of them are supposed to.  So maybe later this fall i'll put the stakes back and wire them again.

I also have to decide if i want my cordons as low as i have the Marechal Foch

or as high as i have the Frontenac (or is that Reliance?).

I'll be able to decide this Spring by just cutting the trunk and keeping 2 nodes for canes to grow. (If i'm using the right words to say what i'm thinking.)

I have a Minature White cucumber that is mostly ready to pick. I'll let my oldest daughter have it. Cukes are her favorite garden produce.