Monday, July 26, 2010

video post

It is giving me trouble, takes 20 minutes to upload each 2-3 minute clip and i had a hard time getting it to let me place my paragraphs so the videos would be in order.  To keep the filesize well within the allotted size i had to shoot in the lowest resolution my camera had.  So forgive me the wind, my getting flustered and not-so-smooth camera handling, lol

But it was fun to play with this feature!

Tomatoes and corn


Peppers, eggplants, cole crops

Parsnips, houseplants, sweet tater......nettles!....summer squash, burdock.

Salsify, rosemary, cauliflower...- no,  brussels sprouts, beans, rutabagas, beets n' carrots....

Cukes, havahart trap, winter squashes....



The rest of the yard, asparagus, Jerusalem Artichokes, berries and grapes, dirt...

So that is that.

I'll probably try it again later this summer and see if i do better. 
Oh and the blue thumb, that is the remains of a manicure my oldest daughter did for me for 4th of July.  My nails were a mix of blue, red and white. Only my thumbs still have paint on them. lol


KathyB. said...

I was admiring your blue thumbs as you talked about your garden. our daughter did a good job on your manicure!

I am so impressed with the thriving and lush vegetable gardens you have there. Next time I believe your daughter should paint your thumbnails green, so much more appropriate!

Hope you are ready to spend the end of summer canning and preserving that amazing tomato crop, wish we had weather to ripen tomatoes around here.

icebear said...

I hope i'm up to it!
I'm sure going to try.
I think its a valuable skill and i feel a bit silly about not having any experience at it.
My husband is a tomato fiend, he likes them in any form, so hopefully i can grow enough put away enough to last him all winter.

I'm just happy to have a garden i can take my kids through. Among my favorite childhood memories are the times i spent in my parents' and grandparents' gardens. If my kids can get even a taste of that from our little home plot, i will be happy.

Faith said...

Commenting as I watch. :o)

Love the blue nails. I have blue and green polish, but I've not used it in some time.

You have a beautiful voice. Do you sing?

Your tomatoes look great. I have yellow pear as well, and actually they are the only ones at this time that are producing anything edible. Tomatoes here this year have been mostly bad.

I really like your bookshelf on the left over there.

Those artichokes are perennials, and should actually not produce for a year or two, after they've gotten a couple of feet high... reminds me, I've not even seen mine for a few weeks, and I ought to go have a look.

Love winter squashes. Feels so great to grow them and be able to save them for winter. I haven't grown your kind yet.

Boy, look at that lovely black earth! :o)

Hey, that apple tree is looking good.

I'd love to have the breeze. It helps so much with cooling off.

What a happy grape. Maybe more phosphorus for the Frontenac? To encourage root growth.

What a great tour! I'm so glad you were able to do this. I wish I were so computer savvy!

Had another minor disaster yesterday. Was offline until a little bit ago. Will try to post soon.


icebear said...

Ut-oh, was the disaster weather related? Hope it wasn't too bad whatever it was!

I'll have to try some phosphorous on the grapes then, i know i have read i should do that but it gets lost in all the noise in my head with all the other stuff i try to remember to do.

The artichokes, supposedly these can produce their first year ___in warmer areas___, i did expect them to grow taller though, i assumed they'd grow tall enough to not be shaded by the summer squash so i had placed them there. Johnny's (on their blog) reported overwintering this type under hoops and i understand i can dig up the roots, store them cold and plant them next spring and expect a crop in 2011. Worth a try!

Its nice that winter squash taste as well as they keep. Its one of my favorite foods.

Sing? lol... no, wish i could, it might be fun to use my voice that way. too self conscious though even if i could. :oP

Has it been too dry for tomatoes out there? I have been having a hard time keeping a good balance of watering and not wasting water. Its the kale and collards who are having pity parties though.

That topsoil is so wonderfully dark. I'm almost scared to let the grass have it for fear it will turn into a jungle overnight! Hubby just got it seeded this afternoon. He used a coated seed so it shouldn't be too hard to keep moist until the end of this week when we expect rain again. :o)

Lexa said...

Just found your sita nd watched the corn vidoe. Great job! Thanks so much for taking the time to record and post them. I am excited to watch the others. And I did like your blue nails too :) Get those tomato canning recipies ready!

icebear said...

Thanks! I looked at your blog. You have a nice tidy garden and your pictures are beautiful. I signed up to Follow :o)