Sunday, June 27, 2010

I am the Weed Warrior....!

I almost feel victorious.

I finally got everything weeded and i do mean everything.  With varying degrees of thoroughness, the Jerusalem Artichokes i sort of slacked on, but after almost 3 hours of weeding i didn't care.
The rest of the garden was done as thoroughly as i possibly could get it. It was a great day for weeding, cool and overcast... i think i still got a sunburn.

It kinda stinks that the carrot and parsnip beds look so bare when everything else looks so good.  I left the weeds in the aisles sonce i don't feel like doing the extra work of removing them.  I might later but not now.

I don't usually take the row pictures from this end of the garden, but i felt like doing that this time.

Now that they are weeded, i can actually see my peppers and eggplants.

Burdock and then Globe Artichokes... the artichokes don't seem to be going anywhere yet.  The Summer Squash are small too...
Salsify, surviving brusseld sprouts and cauliflower plants, then beans...Provider bush beans.  I forgot the name the other day.

Birdhouse gourd, i love the leaves on that plant. They are velvety and soft, not like summer squash, melon or cucumber leaves which are spiky and irritating.

I have native ladybugs all over the place here, i like them better than the asiatic ones- the type that swarm and sometimes bite.  These are rounder and have a larger black 'head'.

Here is a ladybug larva

And i found this yellow ladybug eating yellow aphids.

My experiment with the celery base is working, cause its really coming out of the soil now

Marechal Foch with flower buds.
i hate the dust in my camera lens.

While i was out weeding, i found a few spots where i think the fence is too high.   I think the groundhogs are just walking right under it. I found that they have eaten the leaves of my horseradish almost to the nubs...  so i might go use roundup and totally re do the fence and include the far part of the garden that i didn't think i had to worry about-- the JA patch and the Asparagus bed.
I thought we had gotten it low enough to stop them last week, but the rain compacted the soil and they got under it again.  So i'll try this one more time and see if that is what was happening...

Who knows.