Wednesday, June 8, 2016

drive by posting

been busy

last few weeks re-cap

fruit trees were attacked by aphids

sprayed 'em

got most veg plant in, okra, tomato, cukes

sunflowers and leonotis also

few days ago, planted beans

a few of about 5 types of bush beans

new to me: fava beans

did throw in some yard longs

the are all germinating now

today i spent all day reclaiming the back part behind the shed

what a mess!

got my Schisandra chinensis plants from Oikos Tree Crops, they look great!

potted them up for later planting

plan is to have them grow in an arch over the back behind the shed and make a nice place for culinary mushrooms and Ramps and maybe ostrich  (fiddlehead) ferns.

Why don't i take before and after pics?

To reclaim this back portion behind the shed i had to totally harvest the rhubarb.  it had at least 3 nodes. i cleaned, stringed and sliced 5 gallons of rhubarb today.  not sure what i'm going to do with it all.  if i have the time- i WILL process it into canned filling for pie.  if not,  i will foist it upon all within reasonable distance.

i'm achy