Monday, August 29, 2011

Wind, rain and ripening grapes

We got what was leftover from hurricane Irene. Lots of wind, plenty of rain.  We didn't lose power but many all around us did.

While we were outside last night assessing any damages (though it was still very windy until late last night) we discovered that my grapes are ripening!

I think this is Reliance seedless
and the evermentioned Marechal Foch
We tasted the red ones and they are yummy if not totally ready. Hubby was impressed.

Stanley got knocked about a bit,  we found him leaning alarmingly to one side.  We propped him up with the potted plants until i have time to drive a stake and tie him back up.

The wind wasn't too hard on much of the corn, the apple tree is still full of fruit. It looked like the wind was going to flatten the jerusalem artichokes, but they held up fine.

Beautiful day out today

Friday, August 12, 2011

Good Tomatoes

Got some Sweet Chelsea tomatoes this morning. Just 2 so far,  the little one ate one.  They had no BER,  so it must be that German Orange Strawberry is prone to it.   That is disappointing.

I'm seriously considering plowing under a bunch of plots.   The cucumbers never recovered, the summer squash were a disaster,  weeds are everywhere.  The garden is a waste right now.  I just couldn't do anything in there this year.  My youngest won't take naps anymore so i can't get a thing done out there.  Its frustrating.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kefir -water type- and bits of other things

Got my water kefir grains today

I'm hearing the tree cicadas now

Haven't harvested anything from the garden since the green beans.  Squash bugs are doing bad things to my summer squash.

The area where the elderberries are is beginning to get shady during the day-  which is why i put the partial shade tolerant elderberries there.

I sprayed the apple tree again last Saturday if i remember right.  My parents took the kids for me for the whole day so i was able to get that done.  I've been spraying roughly every 2 weeks and it seems to be working out well.

Blossom End Rot

Well all those lovely German Orange Strawberry tomatoes all had BER.  It stinks. Oh well.  Maybe its the calcium in the soil,  maybe it was the mini drought followed by lots of rain,  maybe this variety is prone to it. 

Better luck next time- i hope!

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Looks like German Orange Strawberry is leading the ripening race

Blueberries are really coming on,  they are too yummy to take pics though!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Apple tree

She is doing so well this year! Beautiful sylph-like thing. Possibly a bushel of fruit i guess.  I have kept up the spraying of Bonide (just done again today) and have plans to keep off the watersprouts now hat i have seen the full cycle of things!  It is very nice to have a good apple tree.