Monday, August 23, 2010

Kale and rain.

This has been a rather dry summer. We are finally getting some rain today. The New England area has been getting drenched with the exception of my area. It really seems as though the clouds split apart as they are heading my way. We had clouds all yesterday but no more than light sprinkles on occasion.  Today we had masses of clouds that looked promising, but it has taken until now to get a steady rainfall.  Supposedly it is supposed to continue lightly most of the night, but not amount to much more than an inch in total.  Too bad because we need many inches to catch up. Luckily the weather hasn't been hot or things would be turning brown everywhere.

I decided yesterday that i love Red Russian kale. I made a soup last night and put in a whole bunch of fresh leaves in it.  Wonderful flavor, very green but not bitter at all.  It wasn't tough either.  I think i'm going to need more than  6 plants next year.

I'm spending most of today reading and trying to keep up with housework, so i'm not writing much. But i did want to remember about the kale and mention the weather.