Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Year of the Eggplant?

I forgot how many eggplant seeds i bought.First off, i bought "Meatball" online from Burpee earlier then at work i got "Shooting Stars" and "Black Beauty" i think i also ordered some "Black Beauty" from a coworker at my other job through a fundraiser at her kids' school - the fundraiser was with Fedco Seeds.  I also ordered more of what i refer to as "pumpkin on a stick" eggplant seeds from Amishland Heirloom seeds. So far, i have only had time to get "Meatball" started (besides the okra and peppers) but i plan to use some time off to start much of the rest tomorrow.

After behaving a little last year on seed buying i went a little crazy again this time.
I still need rosemary seeds though.

I think i have decided that i'm just going to cover my whole garden in 6 mil plastic sheeting and install soaker hose under it.  I had been leaving space between rows clear for water to get under it but weeding around the plastic and the bricks to tack it down wasn't much easier than hand weeding anyway because i couldn't use tools. I've also got a serious nutgrass issue that is getting worse. You can't weed that stuff away.  The leaves break from the stem and any particle of that plant can regrow vigorously.

Half of the dying box elder tree down back fell over, finally.   This should allow more morning sun to get to the garden. If it were my tree, i'd just cut it down.  Its been on its way out for a few years.

I bought some ginkgo seedlings from a seller on Ebay,  I got 10 and 7 of them look pretty good.  Not sure where i'll plant them since i really don't have room.  Maybe i'll have to learn some Bonsai techniques and somehow keep them dwarfed.