Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Its really hot. 89.8
So i put out a couple loads of laundry to dry and opened the ends of the rows to ventilate when the temperature monitor read 100. Luckily the humidity is low so the heat is not quite as bad as it could feel... unless you are standing right in the sun or working in it.

Being the sweltering day that it is, i went for an indoor project.

I saved a few containers from store bought sushi, they looked like they would be useful for something!

They have these grooves in the bottom that  make great little moats so when used for chitting, the seeds aren't standing in water, but they should stay moist.

And they have clear lids that snap on almost snug

I use napkins, they are moderately thick.

I just cut them to size in one stack then wet them and press out the excess.

Wet but not quite dripping seems to work for me.

Toothpick dipped in water

Huckleberry seeds are small

Some people scatter their seeds, i can't.  I have done this before by putting the seeds in a wet paper towel then folding it and putting them in a plastic bag with a label. But i can't see whats going on and i usually miss it until the roots are out and have to be pulled from the paper.
This way i can see what is going on and i can pull any seeds before they have emerged too far.  If they need darkness i can cover them with a small piece of heavy fabric.

Labeled and ready for a fortnight vacation in the Amana.

Did a few more assorted trays of seeds.

I had taken a few pictures of the garden. Just weeds so far where the carrot seeds were planted.  I need to look up a picture of what carrot seedlings look like right after they germinate. So i can weed things a bit.

This row looks like something actually is planted.

Tomato row.

This is one of the Roma tomatoes that got frosted. Its making it back very well.

I tried to get a good shot of Melon Row, but its just not wide enough. Sometimes the wind will billow out the cover and i can see straight down the row, but it was too calm this morning.

I sort of cheated on the cucumbers normally i do one set of 3 per hill, but i ran out of hills. So doubled them up. We like tiny cucumbers so hopefully it works out.

They look so tiny,  if things grow right the comparison pics later in the year should be pretty dramatic. :0)

The Goji seeds sprouted like crazy but they grow super slow.


 My little weather unit says its going to rain.  Nothing on the radar according to the NOAA's  National Weather Service page and nothing i can see at Weatherunderground's live radar.  Lots of white puffy clouds though.

Expecting a hot day

Under the hoops this morning at about 6:30 the temperature was 67, outside temp was 62.

Expected to be unusually hot, some forecasters are calling for low 90's.  Others are staying at 87-89.
Its already 74 at 8:00am

I have the dog outside under her shade tree. I'd like her to get her outside time in now, cause she'll want to nap the rest of the day on the cool kitchen tiles.
We have air conditioners, but i don't like to use them much.  The cold from them is too direct, and once i turn it on, outside becomes even more intolerable.

On the weather maps, our state is mostly in red for severe weather (depending on what channel you watch),  I am right on the edge of a red and yellow zone. If we are going to get storms, i hope they bring some rain. I expect that the row covers will protect my plants from a heavy rain.  I may not be happy to see if they hold up under hail,  but if they get a test today, i have plenty left to rebuild as long as the plants don't get whipped. I don't really expect that to happen though.

I still want to try and do something in the garden today. I might end up just lifting the edges of the covers so things don't cook under there...  mid 80's got the undercover temps to almost 100...  90's will put it well over that i expect.  Little to no breezes are expected.
I'm glad i watered yesterday, if i hadn't i bet things would be try as toast by tonight.