Friday, June 7, 2013


Looks like i was a slight bit more pessimistic than necessary about those Adirondack potatoes...   yesterday i noticed a pair of sprouts:
 photo IMG_20130606_133806_923_zps3f935722.jpg
 photo IMG_20130606_133756_874_zps290b8185.jpg

i also found a chunk of potato that had been unearthed by the cats,  it had a sprout and some hairy roots on it.  I replanted it near the two above shoots.  This morning,  while doing some more planting and weeding,  i found a third potato plant just poking its way up.  This makes 3, maybe 4 plants.  I can live with that. 

We are expecting as many as 6 days of steady rain right now,  so this morning,  before the rain began, i managed to get the rest of the seeds in.  I had to skip out on the beets (beetroot) because i decided late spring might be too late and though i bought bolt-resistant types,  i just don't want that going on.

So...  what i planted was a row of Golden Butter wax bush beans,  a row of Royal Burgundy bush beans, a third of a row of the leftover bush bean seeds my dad gave me (Tender-long i think), a third of a row of  Minowase daikon radish and the rest was the ornamental sunflower mix (Fantasia).

I threw in a handful of Pinetree's radish mix into the further end of the potato row-  where the cats tore it up so bad...   i figure if the radish do grow they won't hurt the potatoes by the time they can be pulled.

Oh and the goji are getting full of berries:
 photo IMG_20130607_113909_671_zps45b63bba.jpg

Provider bush beans all up and weeded:
 photo IMG_20130607_112656_808_zpsbd787e20.jpg

Full garden shot:
 photo IMG_20130607_112638_724_zps32f4dfb7.jpg

All planted.  Now all i have to do is keep up with the weeds, the bugs and hopefully i'll keep blights away!