Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It finally feels like Spring is here

On Friday morning i was taking the dog out to do her business and i saw this:

Worm Castings
 photo IMG_20130329_080541_551_zpsd8324e58.jpg

It doesn't look like much but if the worms are tossing up castings it means the ground is thawing out.

This is what was left of the snow in the yard on Friday:

 photo IMG_20130329_080458_265_zpsd7626000.jpg

Did i post that my Ancient Sweet Peppers came in?
 photo IMG_20130325_112135_528_zps46175bed.jpg

My Hoya pubicalyx philippine black chimera is getting ready to bloom for the first time:

 photo IMG_20130329_084201_749_zpsd9fdb682.jpg

The rhubarb is waking up:

 photo IMG_20130329_105058_293_zps0dee97b2.jpg

Saturday was beautiful and warm,  i had the windows open and i spent the day out in the sun just soaking it in.
Sunday was bright as well,  but the wind was chilly.  We got rain Sunday night and into Monday,  which melted almost all the rest of the snow in the yard.  The weather cleared up nicely later on Monday.  I took my 4 year old daughter out to play for a bit,  but she started misbehaving so we had to go back in.
Today is cloudy and chilly again and tomorrow is supposed to be quite cold,  but the rest of the week  is forecast to be around the 50's and sunny.  I'm actually seeing flurries out the window right now.

Three out of the 5 gojiberry seeds i planted for my mom have come up.  Aunt Molly's ground cherries have too.  The schizandra seeds are done with their 30 day stratification and need to be planted.   I haven't gotten any more seeds started lately,  i had planned to over the weekend but i spent Saturday enjoying the weather and spent Resurrection Sunday with family.  I need to get going on those peppers and get those tomatoes started!