Monday, March 14, 2011

The weather teases...

Its funny how you notice that spring is coming. The almost imperceptible change in the angle of the sun, the scent on the breeze, the way the tree branches begin to look almost plump with barely swelling buds...   The sheltered side of the house, the side that catches the sun and keeps the snow from getting too thick for about 8 inches, stays bare and widens; and tulips and crocus begin to push up through the mulch. The rain and warm air are doing further damage to the snow and the (relatively) warm temperatures are expected to continue through this week.  I'm hoping the rain that is forecast for Wednesday will finish off what is left of the snow and the soft soil and mushy grass will dry out a bit and be ready to putter around on.

Snow receding from the house and green just starting to pop up.

It would be nice to be able to reach the compost heap again too.

My hubby and i checked our balances and i was able to get a large bag of seed starting/potting mix today. I'll also be able to get my small order of green bean and summer squash seeds. Compared to last spring's excitement this year i feel quite sedate. I don't have that March hare feeling of urgency to get everything, do everything, order anything that looks or sounds fascinating.  This year (thanks to the superfluous activity of last year) i am pretty much settled at this point.  Its kind of nice.  Both ways are fun though.

I also have an actual garden to work with this year.  Last year i had a bit of area that needed to be turned into a garden.  I had no idea how it would work and exactly how it would happen.  There were many "ifs". 
If it will be ready in time, if i'll be able to make the hoops work, if the actual size will be close to the dimensions i calculated,  if the loam gets here, if the manure is rotted well enough.
All those were answered for last year as things went in and thrived.  This year, my "ifs" are more like if i can juggle my toddler and garden chores.  I may have to wake up at first light while everyone is asleep (toddler in particular) to get anything done or have my hubby or oldest daughter watch her for me in the evening after school and work. The usual ifs of frost and weather...i'm going to try and get the hoops up to warm the soil for an early planting with luck..the last if has to do with the woodchucks.  Still its so nice to not be worried that i'm on a fool's errand.  For some reason my personality expects failure- good thing about that is if things do work out its a pleasant surprise! Last year's garden was one of those.

So now i'm waiting for a reply from Pinetree about their coupon that came in their catalog. I can't tell if it can be used online (how i usually order from them) or if it has to be used by mail. Its $2,  which cuts the shipping charge in half- and that is a high percentage when its only a $10 order.  So i hope i can use it.   They are on a 10 day backlog according to their site so i need to order ASAP so i get the seeds i want with no substitutions.

I'll be filling flats with soil soon and then putting in seeds.

Meanwhile i'll be re-reading Gardening When it Counts by Steve Solomon- its a very good book.