Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dill, cilantro and spinach planting.

Yep, its a bit on the side of "late" to be doing this now, but the space that had the fennel was just making the weeds happy and me irked.  So i went ahead and cleaned it up and am attempting a somewhat late planting of Mammoth dill, cilantro and i used up the last of a very old packet of spinach that has been hanging around 9 years or so.  I never know what to do with things like that. I don't even know if any of the spinach will come up, but if it does it will be interesting. If not, no loss.
  According to what i read, i could expect a good harvest of dill if i had planted it a couple weeks ago, maybe i can expect a paltry harvest if planted now. Paltry is fine!  Anything is fine. 

I was thinking i might plant peas, but i don't eat peas. My kids do, but i don't think its a good time to try.  I need to consider remembering to get some snow pea type seeds, i eat those.

The hubbs took the little one with him grocery shopping so i have an extra hour and now she's napping so i actually had some extra time to do stuff.
I even managed to make some Summer Squash Bread...yes, its actually a recipe for summer squash, not just zucchini. Not like they are very much different of course.... but still.
I don't eat such things but hubby reports that it is very good.  I made it per instructions, i didn't change anything. You can find it here if you'd like:

I also set some carrots to dry, they look so cool like this.  Of course, one had to jump ship.

Today is pleasant and a bit on the cool side, but not at all cold (mid to high 70's), dry and breezy. Its very nice actually.  I hope we get the rain that was mentioned in the forecast last time i looked.

It usually misses us lately, like it is literally being pushed away by something..

I found a tennis ball sized cantaloupe in the garden this morning, didn't get a picture, but its great to see,  i was wondering if i had forgot to plant them or something, lol.
I just remembered that i haven't seen hide or hair of a banana melon yet. 

I'll have to take a close look around there.  Its funny how big a melon can get before i see it... they blend in so well and the vines tangle so much.  I think i need to get some serious trellises built next year.