Friday, March 11, 2011

Hoyas and melting snow

My hoya shepherdii looks like it will finally bloom!.... eventually. 

I bought my collection of hoyas in the spring of 2008,  i got 6 of them, an assorted mix from a company called Glasshouse Works.  They sell neat things like this as cuttings so they are quite inexpensive.  Full size potted hoyas can run $30-$50 each, but these plants were an assortment that cost me maybe $30.  All i  had to do was wait....and i do that anyway.

So, i'm excited to get a chance to get the smell of these flowers.  Hoyas each smell different, most are very pungent, some don't smell at all.  The ones that do are pretty spectacular and the scents can resemble various fresh fruits, musky perfumes, all the way to  buttered kettle corn.  Hoya shepherdii  has been described as smelling "fresh" or "clean" i hope i get to experience what is meant by that soon.  I'll be able to get pics to share but i'll have to describe the scent in words.

Like i'm ever at a loss for those!

Oh and the snow is melting fast...   i took a picture, but it is foggy out and my camera picked up on the droplets in the air, but i can see how much the snow has gone in the last few days.

i'm going to do the time lapse spectacular in pictures.....well not quite.  Just the big snow, less snow then even less snow but lotsa fog pics:

less snow:

lotsa less snow

foggy night
I even got to the shed and dragged out the seed stuff-

Its 40 degrees out at 11pm.....