Monday, August 29, 2011

Wind, rain and ripening grapes

We got what was leftover from hurricane Irene. Lots of wind, plenty of rain.  We didn't lose power but many all around us did.

While we were outside last night assessing any damages (though it was still very windy until late last night) we discovered that my grapes are ripening!

I think this is Reliance seedless
and the evermentioned Marechal Foch
We tasted the red ones and they are yummy if not totally ready. Hubby was impressed.

Stanley got knocked about a bit,  we found him leaning alarmingly to one side.  We propped him up with the potted plants until i have time to drive a stake and tie him back up.

The wind wasn't too hard on much of the corn, the apple tree is still full of fruit. It looked like the wind was going to flatten the jerusalem artichokes, but they held up fine.

Beautiful day out today