Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thunder and rain

It would have been nice to know we were going to get heavy rain overnight and today.  I would have planted bean seeds.  Last night the forecast called for 0.08 inches of rain.  My guess is about 3.0 inches of rain.  It was nice, however,  to be woken up a few times last night by flashes of lightening and rumbles of thunder.  I find it relaxing.

If i had known,  i would have finished mounding and digging the rows and planted those green bean seeds,  i don't like to manually water if i can help it.  It would have been perfect.

But the tomatoes are enjoying it and the kales and ground cherries. It has been on the dry side since i planted and the rain was really needed.

Still,  it would have been nice to know! lol

Monday, May 28, 2012

Ginger Beer

I haven't tried making it yet,  but soon...oh, soon!

From "Not Dabbling in Normal"  is a great tute on homemade ginger beer:



Got all the kales planted Sunday. At least the ones that came up...   i  know,  in reverse.  Kale should have gone in before the tomatoes.  But that's how i roll. lol

One of the Job's Tears finally sprouted.  That will be popped in when its finally recognisable so it won"t be mistaken for regular grass.

The Delicata squash are no-shows so far.  The only cukes up right now are the Specialty White and Boston Pickling.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Tomatoes Planted

Got all the tomatoes planted today.  What a relief to get that  done on time. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Seasonal notes

Found the first Junebug of the year last  night. I'll have to watch the Seabuckthorn because i  guess the only things that bother them  are Junebugs.

Grapes are getting flower clusters already,  i counted quite a few.

My Hoya Shepherdi is blooming again.   Yummy scent!

The cucumbers are finally starting to  sprout.  Specialty White and Boston Pickling are the firsts....  oy vey, was i late starting them!

We've been getting that  humid,  rain\sun weather that can be so annoying.

I'm hoping to plant this Sunday and i wish i chanced it a few weeks ago,  it would have been a winning bet this year.  We haven' t had a frost in weeks.  The days have been about 70, so the soil has been warm. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Squash and cukes, finally...!

Saturday,  i actually found time to plant the cuke and squash seeds.  I seeded three of each:

Delicata- bush,  winter squash
Butternut- bush, winter squash
Yellow Zebra, summer squash


Beit Alpha
Boston pickling
Specialty White

I'm still not sure if i'm going to try starting my broccoli late as it is or buy seedlings this year.  I think i'll have to buy at this point.

It stinks because my goal all along has been to  grow my own stuff all from seed,  and eventually start saving my seeds so i don't even have to buy any.
I'm taking  some steps back this year because i just have been too busy or mentally 'off'.  I mentioned in the comments section of a favorite blog this morning, that last year's weed war was such a disaster that i'm almost afraid to garden again this year. It was so depressing. I've lost a lot of enthusiasm for gardening over the weeds.  When i was gardening in tiny plots and longing for a big garden like i grew up with,  the weeds were well within control,  but with my little daughter,  mental/physical issues and other stuff,  the big garden is more than a challenge.
But i won't give up.  I just have to figure it out.

The grapes are leafing out well,  the bloom on the apple tree has blown,  the lilacs are in full flower all the way to the tips of the clusters.   Usually they aren't like that until Memorial Day.  We're  about 2 weeks ahead this year.  Yesterday it was 80 and night temps were in the 50's.
My tomato seedlings are in full sun now and stay out at night.  My kales are growing well,  though they are small because i planted so darn late.

Well,  i guess that is it for now.  i have other not as fun stuff to do! ;o)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Last plant

My male Seabuckthorn came in this morning (Friday),  so that is the last of my plants.

Did i mention that my dad delivered me 3/4 of a yard of black mulch on Monday?  I expect it to be almost more than enough to mulch all the beds fairly deep.  I'll be working on that over the next few days or weeks if the rain stays away  ...after i get Mr Seabuckthorn planted.  He's acclimating right now.

Marechal Foch (grape) is the first to open leaves this year,  such a vigorous plant.

Some of the blossoms are dropping off of the blueberry plants.  I really hope something pollinated them.

It looks like i can gauge the timing of my grapes leafing out  when the apple tree is in full bloom.

My tomato seedlings look good,  i just put them out in the shade today (Saturday),  the night time temps look steady in the high 40's to mid 50's,  so i think its ok.   They have reached the maximum height of my lights,  so its time to get them some real light.  It will be time to sow more things in the next couple days.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

All in.

Thanks to my hot, husky hubby all my plants (except for the male Seabuckthorn) are in the ground.  This includes the cherries which required the removal of 3 non-fruiting ornamentals which are waiting for my parents to pick up tomorrow. A few bulbs came up with them, daffodils and a pink hyacinth.

He helped me dig a couple holes before he wandered off to mow the lawn after the plants were dug.  I did the rest which wasn't too hard.

I am so relieved that its all done,  there's nothing worse for me than worrying over plants that are waiting to be planted.  I'm always afraid i'll never get to it and by the time i do,  it may be too late-- bare roots moldering in plastic or getting pot-bound or dried out in nursery pots.

But its all done and i survived the anxiety!

On another note,  the apple has opened a few blossoms,  the blueberries are almost in full bloom.  The Jerusalem Arties are annoyingly migrating to the more fertile edge of the garden....  hopefully, by making a walking path in the area and stepping on them will quell their enthusiasm. I plan to do a thorough (as much as possible) harvest of them this fall.
The kale are coming up now,  so i'm happy all in all.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Incoming Orders

Gawsh, i wish i had my camera cable!

My Raintree order came in and things are looking good.  The only thing that didn't come in was my male Seabuckthorn,  but its on backorder and will be shipped around the end of next week.

My order from Pinetree came in as well.

So looks like i am all ready but for the seed starting and digging.

I dug up the seemingly dead elderberry today,  it came up easily enough to do it totally by hand (no shovels or trowels etc.) which was interesting.

My Goldbeere elderberry is a beautiful creature.  It came as a 1 gallon potted,  it already has a flower cluster on it.  The other came as a bare root, so its not as impressive but it has some shoots on it.  Even the cheap Beach Plums (less than $5 each) are larger than expected.  The Goji are nice as well. The Titan Seabuckthorn looks healthy and sturdy too.  I am happy.

I'm also glad that i got the Golden Zebra summer squash this year too.

I am all enthused :o)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


My kale seeds are beginning to come up (outdoors i figure they can handle the chilly weather we are having now).  My tomato seedlings are getting their second set of leaves...  the Aunt Molly's are up too..  Two of the Banana Legs have done nothing,  one more day on those and i'll reseed.  Its almost time to start the cukes and squashes.  I never do those very early,  even under 4 lights they get leggy on me.

My Raintree order is expected to arrive tomorrow with my Sea Buckthorns, Gojis, Beach Plums and 2 Elderberries.

The Carmine Jewel cherry plants are looking good in their little pots.

So far the apple tree has not bloomed,  its blossoms are pink in bud right now, but i'm glad there are no blossoms,  there is nothing  out to really fertilize them right now anyway- too chilly.  Its been in the high 40's and mid 50's,  the bees are not out.

My dad came over last Friday and tilled,  he'll come over and till again when its time to plant.  We may get more manure if there is time.

There isn't much else going on right now,  i haven't gotten the non-fruiting plants or the dead, unnamed elderberry out yet.  Maybe this weekend?

Oh and i made a small order at Pinetree,  i had forgotten to order Delicata squash seeds.  I want to try them.  I also got more Provider bush beans as i was running out.  I also tried again to get Golden Zebra summer squash,  last year they had to substitute 49'r because they didn't have any more Golden Zebra.  I also  ordered some nylon trellis netting for the cucumbers to grow on.

That's it.