Thursday, June 17, 2010

My (Ridiculously Large) Seed Stash 2010

I had posted this list as a sidebar item, but frankly with my large tag cloud and other lists, i think it simply got too cluttery. So i decided to cut/paste it as a post and that way i can keep it because i refer to it often enough for it to be kept.
I hope it has retained all the links i attached to the items since that was time consuming to do. I tried to link to the actual seller's page wherever it could be found. If it wasn't linkable to the seller's site i at least tried to find a photo to link to for reference.
I do plan to edit and repost it as time goes by, if i left it as a sidebar i would have lost the aspect of archival that i wanted it for in the first place. If i do it this way as a post and re-post, i can date it, add to it and subtract from it to keep it current by date.
As of Spring Planting of this year the list is reflective of what i had before i used any seeds up for this garden's growing year.
I will re-post a revised list later in the season so i will save myself the trouble of overbuying duplicate seeds or forgetting to buy wanted seeds this winter.

My (ridiculously large) Seed Stash