Monday, March 11, 2013

Just some thoughts on the blogging experience

I began blogging in 2009 according to my records.  I recently made my 365th post as well...   that means i have posted about every third day for more than 3 years.  When i saw this image:

 photo blog_zpsf74c9e98.jpg

i knew it was for me.  lol

Most all of my gardening activities and some of my household shenanigans are done with a thought of this blog.  Sometimes i discount the idea as too boring,  other times i don't care if it is and i still share it.  My long-winded ramblings and repetitive thoughts may be boring to some,  but i keep recording thoughts because at the very least,  i find them useful to look back upon.  If anyone else finds the entries useful, or helpful  i am happy,  if not its ok.  I don't expect anyone to be hanging on to my every word.  Tee hee.

I just simply find it fun to blog.  I adore reading the blogs i follow and though i don't always comment,  i read every update as soon as i can.  Blogging has been one of the most enjoyable hobbies i have picked up in a long time.  

I appreciate all my followers and especially love the comments,  i always try to reply.  I don't like the Capcha thing to avoid spammers,  so i don't make repliers have to deal with it.  I weed out the spam myself...and whooo- do i get a lot of it.  My "Carrot and Parsnip Seed Tape" entry seems to be the most popular to spammers for some reason.  Some bot always tries to get through,  i have no idea why.

Well,  thats all i just wanted to say how much fun i have blogging and thank you to all who follow my ramblings.  Your comments encourage me and i'm glad i'm not alone out here in cyberspace talking to thin air.  lol