Thursday, May 19, 2011

Took some pictures

The aerial view

 You can see he newer part of the garden, the soil isn't the same rich, dark brown as the rest

Under the hoops, not as bad as i thought. Looks like even the cukes might be sprouting way back there

Stanley prune plum breaking bud


Apple tree, first open bloom

Dahlia from the nursery

Another dahlia from the nursery,  they are labeled "figaro mix"


Nothing but rain!

I have not seen the sun since the 14th. That was the day i planted most of the garden.  I knew it was going to rain soon at the time, but i did not expect skies completely full of clouds and/or rain the entire week.  The forecast is showing NO sun until the 23rd.  Normally we get some breaks in the clouds, but not a one in all these days.  Very depressing, and my tomatoes look pale.  I don't know what to do. miffed

This is going to be an awful year for slugs and snails.  If everything makes it, that is. holy cow

I am also worried that when the sun does come out it will toast my tomato seedlings.

This summer isn't getting off to a good start.

Well, at least the radishes are sprouting and the plum tree is breaking dormancy. The elderberry plants are beginning to shoot out and the apple tree is trying to open some blossoms.