Thursday, May 9, 2013

A walk around the yard

Starting with the Stanley prune plum.  I'm really hoping it blooms this year.  I think there might be a chance,  but i don't see any signs yet. Not too sure what to look for,  i think they bloom later than apples and may not show buds until a while later.
 photo IMG_20130507_183346_968_zps34779d12.jpg

Autumn olive.  I grew it from seed about 3 years ago now.  Its supposed to be self-fertile and is a lot like Goumi.
 photo IMG_20130507_183357_835_zps2aba59a6.jpg

Carmine Jewel cherry.  Year 2.  After paying so much for these tiny plants last year,  i am so happy to see this one doing so well.

 photo IMG_20130507_183451_736_zps98f9a08e.jpg

Goldbeere elderberry.  This one has golden yellow berries.  It tried to bloom last year,  but it was too soon after planting.
 photo IMG_20130507_183507_536_zps8335d9f7.jpg

Nova elderberry...  lots of berries last year,  i didn't get to pick them all.  It needs some pruning.
 photo IMG_20130507_183513_300_zps48cd4b1c.jpg

York elderberry.  Smaller berries than Nova,  but just as prolific.
 photo IMG_20130507_183520_180_zps55c3ec83.jpg

One of the grapes waking up. Not sure which because the vines are all mixed up.
 photo IMG_20130507_183537_644_zpsa95561e0.jpg

Apple tree greening up nicely.  I'll need to spray it again this weekend.
 photo IMG_20130507_183555_567_zps751c66e4.jpg

Strawberry pot. I'm unsure if i'll get strawberries this year or if it takes a full year,  this is my first serious try.
 photo IMG_20130507_183630_205_zps987db11e.jpg

Blueberry and lingonberry bed
 photo IMG_20130507_183637_948_zps3bdfada4.jpg

The other Carmine Jewel cherry, looking good.
 photo IMG_20130507_183651_673_zpsad5a81b1.jpg

Beach plum,  the smaller of the two last year, but growing.
 photo IMG_20130507_183708_309_zpsc431adf1.jpg

The beach plum that got broken from the snow.  It should recover i hope.
 photo IMG_20130507_183716_185_zps60b14ab3.jpg

Female "Titan" sea buckthorn.
 photo IMG_20130507_183722_134_zps7cb7e915.jpg

The male without a special name...  i was a little annoyed when i got this one.  The company went out of stock so he came about a month late last year. I had paid for a gallon pot and the female was definitely a full gallon plant.  When the male arrived,  i suspected it was a 6" potted plant put into a one gallon pot, then shipped. I don't expect them to bloom for the first time in the same year.
 photo IMG_20130507_183729_685_zps747899cc.jpg

Phoenix Tears gojiberry:
 photo IMG_20130507_183735_643_zps6b57101a.jpg

The other Goji.  They both have flower buds but they start out tiny.
 photo IMG_20130507_183743_604_zpsac748edb.jpg

This is the blueberry that had a rough winter:
 photo IMG_20130507_183756_828_zps10749aef.jpg

This is the one that looks the best:
 photo IMG_20130507_183802_293_zpsceed79ae.jpg