Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hands almost too achy to type...

Hubby and i  got the garden area cleaned up a bit last week. No tilling yet, but we raked up the dry plants and the stalks from the cabbage family.  Made a small pile of it and burned it.

.And then i tackled the neglected front flower bed.  I should have taken a before picture but i was so intent on getting started i didn't think of it.

But this is how it turned out.  Four blueberries.  The same ones i got from Stark Bros last year  Two are Patriot and two are Blueray.  Both are fairly short at maturity, so they won't get in front of the windows- at least that is the plan.

This is the plant material i removed from it. Mostly tulip and daff bulbs, and iris roots. I'll miss my crown imperial frittilaria ,  but they are all going to my mom.
The rest was a striped grass that almost took over and weedy grass that escaped the lawn.

I dug it all out-  including the 2 roses,  i replanted  the maroon climbing rose right next to the hydrangea tree-  they should make a lovely pair when they are both in bloom.
Then i laid down landscape fabric to keep anything from reappearing and covered it all with mulch.

I made another small order to Stark Bros. and bought 3 lingonberry plants. They will go between the blueberries. I also got two different elderberry plants now that they are allowed- York and Nova.  They will go where the blueberries were.

I also plan to move one of the grapes more to the East of the fence so they get more sun. Elderberries can take more shade so they should be well off there.

I also got a dwarf Stanley prune plum tree.  That will go next to the hydrangea tree.

So i think that is it for now.