Tuesday, October 13, 2009

No snow yet!

Thank goodness.

It was way too early to be expecting snow. and i had too much to do this morning.  Had to register the truck and run a few errands. Our town hall does not take debit cards for some brainless reason, so i had to get the amount, then go to the bank, get cash and then go back to the town hall and pay. I know i have checks left somewhere, this is why i still keep them,  but do you think i could find them when they are needed? Nooooo! Haha.

So that is another good reason that i am happy that there was no snow.  Rain is no treat either seeing as we have had way more than our share this summer.  I can't help but wonder if that is going to translate into extra snow this winter!

I'm all but snacking on Tylenol today, the digger i took yesterday gets to take the blame.  Usually the pain is bearable on a good day if i don't have things lined up to do.  But today stuff couldn't wait any longer and if i got it over and done with i could sit back the rest of the day and not let it get to me.

I had some perishable stuff to mail out today and that sort of thing just makes me nervous. Like i think i'm going to forget to mail it, or i'm going to put it in the box and something will happen and it will sit on the table for a week, or i expect that something else will come up and all the money in my account will be needed and i won't have enough money to mail it and then i'll have to unpack it all and watch it go to waste in some other way....

See....  i need sedatives.     Be glad i drink decaff.

So the rest of the day i think i will spend trying to catch up on some light housework. Real exciting i know.

Laundry. Its clean and dry, i just hate folding it.

Later today or within the next week or so i might try and get my stuff together and list out the work that has been going on in the yard that this blog is about.
The whole thing started in February or March of 2008 when the neighbor's house burned down, thank God nobody was harmed- i always make sure to say that because i don't want anyone under the impression that i was happy that day.  Although it turned out to be a good thing for us, eventually , it was a sad day for a very nice lady who had been having it rough for a number of years.

but i'll get to all that later.

Laundry awaits!


Faith said...

Aw... poor lady. :o(

But I'm glad something good came of it. I hope she was well compensated by insurance and was able to make a new and good start.

I am wondering the same thing about snow for this winter. I'm thinking the north is looking cold enough, but the south is forecasted for normal temps. Still the Farmer's Almanac did NOT have this wet year in their forecast at ALL! So I don't know how much stock I am going to put in those pages from now on.

I like the family closet the Duggars have. Have you ever seen that show? I saw it a couple of times and the laundry room with 4 sets of machines and an attached family closet it a nifty idea. Just hang stuff up, and everybody goes there to get whatever clothes fit them at the time.

Course it must help that the main staple for the girls is a long denim skirt. Not a lot of planning to go into that. :o)


icebear said...

SHe did have a place in FL that she and her hubby were getting together before he passed. She was letting her son and his pregnant girlfriend live in the house and all but gave it to them.
The fire started when some clothing fell on top of a kerosun type heater that was left on while the two were away. It is a good thing nobody was trapped inside because the heater was at the base of the stairway and anyone on the top floor would have been trapped by flames.

it was under investigation for a number of months,but at least our neighbor wasn't penalized for the mistake of her son.

i don't know how much she got for the house, it was in poor shape from age and our neighbor's difficulty with health and money... she would have had a hard time selling the house, it was irreparable and would have been close to impossible to demo and rebuild.

but all in all, we paid a price for the land that favored her very much, but the land addition immediately increased our property value by twice what i paid. it was our only chance to enlarge our property given the layout of the land and terrian. So it was a win/win in the end, IMO.

as far as the Duggars go, i am always impressed at the way they organize themselves!