Sunday, October 11, 2009

First entry

I did a text test, but i won't bore anyone with that. So i have zapped that.

My excuse for blogging?

Well i happen to enjoy writing.

I happen to be forgetful.

So writing is both a way i can entertain myself and a way to keep events, memories and plans tacked down so i can go back and remember. So blogging is something that is just as much for my sanity's sake as it is a way to share my activities with friends and family.

I tend to ramble a bit with subject matter. i tend to lose my train of thought from the beginning of a paragraph to the end, so some days i might be all organized and some days i will be all over the place.

And the blog name? Well, there really is no pond, though when it rains we do get a huge puddle in the front of our house. This is because the town we live in refuses to do anything about the drainage on our street. All the rainwater pools in front of our house!
At first we joked about it, saying we always wanted lakefront property, but as our basement began to flood at least a couple times every year and attempts to contact the responsible (irresponsible) town officials have gone completely ignored, it is becoming a true problem.

I'll probably change the name soon to something else. When you sign up for a blog it asks you to name it and i admit i wasn't thinking of a name beforehand.


Faith said...

Ha! I'm your very first commenter AND subscriber! WooHooo!


icebear said...

Yay! lol