Friday, March 12, 2010

Ahhh, visualisation...

I just finished mapping the garden out, stakes and surveying tape.  Now i know i drew up plans for a 20x30' garden... but i could not resist taping it out 25x30'. This would give me an extra row to work with and if hubby is ok with it i will be happy. If he wants an extra row of lawn i can let it go i guess... but the little bit of lawn we do have tends to tire him out mowing... he's a very smart guy but he works at a desk and he can't do a lot of physical labor even though he is willing... so i really think that he is going to almost regret having a wider expanse of lawn to mow. He may almost "order" me to plow more of it into garden space by the end of this summer.  But then, i have to be able to handle gardening myself. This disabled leg of mine is going to give me trouble. Just taping out the dimensions is going to have me eating Tylenol like candy.
I plan on mulching deep to discourage weeds and i'm going to have to work my 11-year-old like a rented mule this summer. lol

Ok, so here are the pics:

I did not include the plot of JA's in my dimensions, since i didn't plan for them before i planted (it was kind of a rush job) and i need to bed some asparagus between that plot and  the taped off garden.
The garden is 7' forward of the back fence and i didn't measure the distance from the side fence next to the apple trees.

now i need to decide which beneficial herbs  i might start today
Oh i can't wait to get this going!

Hubby came home this afternoon and he looked at the area i taped out and he's fine with the size,  he had expected me to take over much more than that so we have a pretty good balance. There will be plenty of room left for his intentions and also for the kids to enjoy.  When i was a kid i considered my parents' garden a part of my play area, i spent a lot of time in it.
So this means one more full row in the front since i am going with the lengthwise row setup.


Faith said...

"i'm going to have to work my 11-year-old like a rented mule this summer."


I'm with you. So many fun and interesting things in the garden to occupy your time with. Great for playing with toys in as well; little army men perched on tomato branches, Hot Wheels cars rolling around below the corn stalks. Fun!


icebear said...

lol, i used to just watch the bugs, i'm weird, but i would be able to watch ant colonies all day and watch preying mantis stalk the grasshoppers; ladybugs devastating aphids; ants 'milking' aphids like sugar cows... but yes, the Hot Wheels did do some dirt-track racing among the bush beans... it may have been the original Busch Series!