Friday, March 19, 2010


My wintersown broccoli has sprouted, lol

Uh, garden not ready.  I guess i will have to move them in and out of sun/shelter daily until a few weeks before last frost.  Or  may have to pot them up.

This warm weather is rather disorienting. I simply don't know what to think. We are missing like 3 snow storms and i don't recall having 60 degree weather in March for many years. I do remember it though....but i am not used to it!

My dad can't get his tractors out of the yard because they have areas that are still very wet, so until they dry out, no work can be done on my soil.  No compost, no tilling...  well i could drag out the Mantis, but the riding lawnmower's rototiller will do the preliminary job better and faster.  And hubby desn't want me playing with the Mantis anyway, i can't control it well on account of my leg. He's afraid i'll either break myself or the tiller. He's probably right. :-p

I may have to order my Agribon first thing on Monday.

My Buttercrunch lettuce is also beginning to sprout, but they were never meant to get planted out, i just want to see if i can get a few mini heads of baby lettuce.  The rest of the buttercrunch seeds i plan to direct sow under the hoops as soon as the garden is assembled.

Off to wrestle with 6-pack planters....!

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