Saturday, March 13, 2010

Final plan:

Ok, i think i will stick with this plan. Now i just have to decide how many repellent plants (chives, oregano, basil, marigolds, etc.) i need to get ready for.  Park Seeds is giving free shipping right now with a coupon code (SAVEGREEN) so i will be getting some new Heirloom Marigolds, oregano and Chive seed as well as a packet of Hens & Chicks mix to replace the ones hubby thought were dead from overwintering....he threw them out.  I have had them forever, and i tried to not be upset... but i'll just plant some more. *Sigh*  I need to get 25' of trellis netting, and it will be placed closer than i drew it on the plan. Burpee has a really good price on it, but i'm going to try and save shipping if i can find it locally.

Off to order more seeds...!  Really?...Yup!


Faith said...

Sitting back down while running - trying to get out the door 18 minutes ago, I hate how I worded my hurried comment. LOL

I've never grown salsify or burdock.

I like your plan. You could also tuck the radishes into the other beds and they'll grow and be harvested even before the other crops begin to need the space, and use your radish space for other crops.

You can also plant in the shade of the other plants, things like lettuces. I love interplanting.

Are you direct seeding your asparagus? I have a pretty large bed, though REALLY neglectled. The birds love the seeds and I find lots of naturalized asparagus plants where the birds rest, on top of fence posts in the garden and such.

My plan last year, which never materialized, was to interplant herbs and flowers in the veggie garden as you are. I don't know what will happen with the garden this year yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing yours!


icebear said...

never grown salsify or burdock either, but i couldn't resist giving it a go.
I keep looking at my plan and trying to decide if i want to swap some stuff around. My main concern initially was simply to fit all my desired veggies in, then in the many weeks i still have to go, i'll fine tune placement- more in the interplanting style. I did see that the companion plant lists do say that cukes, and melons like having radishes around, so i did consider putting the radishes in the very back row, then the melons and cukes could go in there as the radishes are thinned. The vines will stay small for a while and i expect them to get larger right about when the radishes are spent. I may do that and use the cleared space for something else. I need to re-read the light needs of the burdock and salsify, i'm sure they need more than cabbage, they may be swapped.

the asparagus is going to be started in little pots. My mom gave me a Keurig coffee pot and i'm a pack rat, so tossing out the little cups that the machine uses is too much for me. I clean them out and use them similar to the peat pots i love so much.

i'm hoping to interplant the tomatoes with both marigolds and basil. i love basil.