Friday, March 26, 2010

We had a little bit of snow last night, not much really. Its the kind that looks sort of like wet felt lying on the ground. It only stuck to the coldest places. Its supposed to stay cold today.
It will be the right time to sow the strawberry seeds, since they need cold treatment i can bypass using the fridge and enlist the aid of the great outdoors. My main gripe is the six pack seedling flats i let myself buy. They never get moist enough from top to bottom. I try watering from the bottom and expect it to draw up, but the top is always dry, i guess i am too timid with the watering.  If i try and water from the top i end up washing out the soil from the cups. its just a messy ordeal. I much prefer the Peat Pellets because they are evenly moist all round, or they don't expand evenly- cluing me in.
But i'm going to use them anyway, but i'll be picking up more pellets when i go get the Remay at Paris Farmer's Union today.  I hadn't gotten a call telling me it was in yesterday and i was too busy in any case...

nope, strike that, they just called, just now 8:13am.  Yay!

Ok, so either i get to have hubby pick it up for me or i will go out after i get the oldest after school. I can't lug both little one and 13'x300' of Remay into the truck without assistance.  I need more seed flats too.... PFU sells plain ones and all the assorted entrails, like 6, 8 and 4-packs, clear domes... I think they have the pellets too.... they even have things like parsnip seeds in bulk.

Besides the natural foods store it is my favorite place to shop.


I wetted the tops of the filled six-packs and the dry bits of soil shed off the water. miffed

So i gave up on that for now and just went with K-cups.
Pinetree gave me 27 Temptation Strawberry seeds. I think they only promise 20, so that was nice.
Got those planted. Also had a few more of the Mary Washington asparagus seeds, so i finished those off and then there were 4 K-cups left so i put in a few Shisho seeds.

So, 50 more cups of seed planted.


Faith said...

I always wondered about strawberry seeds. I'm excited to see how you do with them!

Yesterday I opened the curtains and yet another day of cold drizzle. I think it made me just a little on the grumpy side at that moment. Seems that has been the story for a while.

Today, however, we do get sunshine. I like your weather insert up top!


icebear said...

i have never tried growing strawberries from seed so i am excited as well. its a non-runner everbearing variety, so i'll see how it goes.

After all this rain we are expecting in the next day or so, we are told of daytime temps of 70*. i'm almost worried that i'll have wintersown seeds popping up all over the place! lol