Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I just had to comment on the awesomely wonderful weather we had today...  it was well above 60 degrees, i have a thermometer that says it was 70...

and i have a crocus!!!

That is


Anonymous said...

Lovely viburnum header. I can see you are really into seed starting. I have a few in pudding cups sitting in the sun room against the glass. Hope they germinate.

Lovely blog. Thanks for visiting Becky's Carolina Journal.

icebear said...

i had bookmarked your site last year when you shared it on RR. The other day i remembered that i hadn't added it to my follow list. so now i have :)

This blog is mainly an hybrid ongoing conversation with myself and an interactive journal, but i love it when other like-minded voices chime in. :)

Yes, gardening/seed stuff is a favorite hobby of mine. i finally got a large enough yard to be able to do many of the things i have been wanting to do.

its a very exciting year for me!

I love all your beautiful flowers, i'm concentrating on veggies and herbs this year, next year i hope to get back into ornamentals and flowers.

Viburnum, never thought she was one, i always called her the i looked it up and i may have to change how i refer to her. Thanks for the tip and thanks for stopping by.

Faith said...

Wow! There is a little bit of son trying to peek through the clouds today. I hope we get some. :o)

Hmmmm another rr blogger? Must check. LOL