Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New seeds and old books.

More seeds came in yesterday.  The ones from Specialty Perennials.  I was happy that i got my seeds in 9 days,  from what i was told at Gardenweb, he often takes much longer to deliver. I was content with the idea of having to wait a few weeks or months.

I also found my copy of Crockett's Victory Garden.  I have been looking for it everywhere for the last few months, i try to re-read it every year that i expect to have a garden.  So anyway, i am glad i found it. I was worried it was lost or destroyed.

Here are the seeds i got (i just happened to use the aforementioned book since it was conveniently near) :

And i flipped the packets over to show the quantities, which are a little hard  to see...

Some of these seeds will need cold stratification, so i hope to get them going soon.  The packet containing the paeonia  anomala seeds is full of mold, which i assume must be somewhat normal since it was packaged separately in its own baggie.  I know some seeds have to be kept in their mush until planted out, i expect these are like that.

I have too much stuff to do today that won't get done.

But its nice outside. Almost 60 degrees before noon  already.


Ok, got some seeds planted.

Leonotis leonurus- Specialty Perennials
Monarda didyma- panorama shades, Specialty Perennials
Rudbeckia hirta- autumn colors, Specialty Perennials
Scabiosa caucasica- house hybrids,  Specialty Perennials

Gaillardia- Arizona sun, Park Seed
Stinging Nettle-  Richters
Siberian Motherwort- Richters
Pleurisy Root- butterfly weed, Richters
Roseroot- Richters
Red Knight, sweet pepper, Totally Tomatoes
Chiltepin, hot pepper, Totally Tomatoes

The things in the greenhouses are looking fine.  The Imperial Star artichoke seeds have sprouted one more seedling, so i may get 2 plants out of the remaining 5 seeds i had.  I hope so, in Johnny's seeds blog, they had mentioned the other day that they successfully overwintered some Imperial Star artichokes under hoops. This is  encouraging since i hope to do that myself this year.

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