Thursday, April 29, 2010

Power outage today...

Major winds picked up around 11:15 am. At about 11:30 i was outside making sure things were secure since the baby was finally napping.  I was coming inside and could hear the battery backups all beeping (we have 3 computers and the Vonage and modem whatever system all on their own battery backups)... so there are 4 beeping sources.  That woke up the kidlet.  So, now she is cranky. 
But it was weird because some of the appliances had power, but some did not.  Hubby said that is what a brownout is.  This is new to me since we have only ever totally lost power.  We always lost it completely.
So i didn't know if it was a circuit or what.  Hubby came home from lunch to check if it was on our end or not.  He said all the traffic lights were out.

I keep hearing sirens...  the first were only a few minutes after the power went down. Then about 10 minutes later there were more.  Then just before hubby came home i watched the Fire Chief go by and heard even more sirens. I think there are 3 or 4 towns coming in on this.

My computer has about 2 hours on its own battery when i put all the power on low...  but with the little one awake from a short nap,  its a few sentences at a time.

I always wonder what happens when this stuff goes on.

I wonder if the power out made the lights go out, then caused an accident, then later there was another one.
I bet my daughter's school has no power as well.   Fun for the kids i bet,  something to break up the monotony of regular school.

The wind is gusting so hard, i am amazed that my mini greenhouses are still upright.  I hope they don't topple!  At this stage  of growth, my seedlings will be very hard to replace.  It would be devastating.

I wonder how long we will be without power. The kiddo is mad cause i can't warm up her milk. Its refrigerator cold and i usually warm it up just a bit...

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Faith said...

I always thought a brown out was when the power just sort of was barely there. That happened here once.

The power flickered off and on a few times, then came on and stayed on, but not enough to actually power anything but the smallest things. The light bulbs glowed, but dimly, the clocks mostly managed to stay on, but no way could you use anything that took much power. It stayed that way until I could get everything turned off and unplugged, and they finally fixed it after many hours.

My eggplants, that I have not planted yet because they need to get big enough to try to survive flea beetle damage when they go in, are all bent up from the spring winds. I don't know how well they'll do.