Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Its starting to look like a garden!

I couldn't wait to start the walking rows and i wanted to test a hoop...  so i took some Motrin and when things began to get dull, i went and tried it.
Took me about 40 minutes to clear it, small shovel loads....

Aaand....  i got to test a hoop:

I only had one piece of PVC pipe that i could use as the socket, i need to cut some more soon. So i used a cinder block for now.  But the PVC socket works perfectly,  i think its about 18" long and all but 6 inches of it are in the ground.  Maybe they could be shorter, but this seems to work fine.  I'll have to decide how short they can be and still anchor it enough.

Ok, not that i am certain that this these parts of the garden are going to work out the way i hoped, i can relax about it.

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