Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Row cover going on.

I'm in taking a break.
I put two pieces of row cover on the hoops. I took the little one outside with me and she played in her big stroller and had her cold drink of milk. But after watching me put the second cover on, she lost patience- plus she needs a nap.  
Everyone is napping today except me.  My oldest daughter is home from school, not feeling well --she slept until Noon.  Her dad is taking his lunchtime nap upstairs.  The little one is having a small snack before her nap...

I have a whole mess of things to do.

Its going to rain  tomorrow, and the nighttime lows for the rest of the week are expected to be in the mid 40's.... Since my row covers can give me as much as 4 degrees of frost protection,  now might be a good time to plant all the hardier stuff.  So i need the row covers on before they go in and before the carrots & parsnips sprout. The radishes are coming up and i need them protected with the Remay before they attract their pests and the cover also is supposed to help warm the soil. So, today needs to be the day.

This will also let me clear out one of the mini greenhouses. I can put some of the flats right in the garden rows to harden off.


Ok, got the little one to sleep. Big sister is staying inside to watch her...
Back to work.


Faith said...

Wouldn't it be nice to have a work crew, so YOU could take a nap? :o)


icebear said...

Ha ha! it would!

I am lucky that i am a person who does not nap well. I'm not very good at sleeping.
But i would love some time to just sit quietly (with a glass of iced tea) and read, i have plenty of reading material lately.
But today i have used up all my possible free time working outside.
I'm very slow so i am sure i took twice as long as anyone else would... but as painful as it is, i enjoyed the challenge.