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Those Zsa Zsa pepper seeds just like to sit i guess....  i just decided to put them on a heat pad. My actual Seedling Heat Mat does not seem to be working anymore, but i did dig up a ZooMed heat pad for reptiles that i had saved from when we had pets that needed it. I have never had germination trouble with peppers, sweet or hot, so i am annoyed with these seeds.

Asparagus seedling count... out of i think 70 seeds i got 40 to germinate so far.  There are more coming up here and there so that number might increase,  but if it does not i have plenty as of now. It is a good deal, 40 plants for about $2.00 from seed.

Now that i have had more time to wait and see what definitely did not survive the frost i counted them up. Since it was quite a disruption and i had no extra seeds of some things, i will have to redo the GrowVeg plot.... again...  Funny thing is thaat about 2 weeks ago, i thought i wouldn't need to do that again until January lol.  I'm lucky that i enjoy these things.  Someone around my age who is more into Clubbing, partying and stuff like that would probably find me incredibly boring.
That way they leave me alone! ;0)
I am a novice home brewer, i love a glass or two at a time of a good wine, i intend to grow some fruits that can also be made into wine, and the only mixed drink i really enjoy is a sweet-tart margarita,  but i don't understand the obsession with getting drunk every weekend or even every night.  I like to be social, but frankly i am more interested in tomato varieties than pop culture and social alcoholism.

Oh, where was i...? Oh yes, how boring i am.  And to prove it,  here is another boring list!

Of what maybe made it through the frosty night and what seeds i replanted out of the remainder of my Ridiculously Large Seed Stash:

What made it:
Tomato- Pruden's Purple (5)
Tomato- Yellow Pear (2)
Tomato- Polfast (3)
Tomatillo- Purple (4)
Tomato- Roma (2?)
Artichokes- Imperial Star (2)
Sweet Pepper- New Ace (2)
Hot pepper, Jalapeno- Fooled You (4)
Summer Squash- Patty Pan Sunburst (1)
Eggplant- Slim Jim (5)

Anything not listed was a total loss.

Assorted Herbs survived, many of the perennial flowering plants i sowed did fine. The herb that took the hardest hit was the Basil, i had 2 types and i lost at least half of the 18 cells i seeded.
I did lose the single Loenotis leonurus seed that had sprouted at the time so i have to find the space to start those again.
Other plants that went through the cold night that aren't listed have done fine. Like the asparagus, broccoli, pak choi, lettuce....  The only thing that isn't doing well with no real excuse is the durned cauliflower. The two sprouts that didn't get sunburned haven't grown hardly a bit and the seeds i stuck in over a week ago have shown no sign of sprouting.  Really disappointing.  I almost wonder if the seedlings that croaked really were sunburned, they may have been from bad seed.  So maybe i got 2 packs of bad seed this year.  Not good.  I might put the few remaining cauliflower seeds into peat pellets and see if it was a bad batch.
Things are starting to get frustrating.

This is the list of what got replanted, 6 each except the salsify- 12 of those:

Tomato- Empire Hybrid
Sweet Pepper- Red Knight
Hot Pepper- Chiltepin
Tomato- Siberian
Tomato-Black from Tula
Sweet Pepper- New Ace
Cucumber- Summer Dance
Cucumber- Alibi
Pattypan Summer Squas- Sunburst
Summer Squash- Sundance
Winter Squash- Long Island Cheese
Winter Squash- Red Eye

Acorn Squash- Carnival
Melon- Hale's Best
Melon- Rocky Ford
Melon- Banana
Watermelon- Pony Yellow
Watermelon- Tom Watson
Tomato- Yellow Pear
Eggplant, Ornamental- Scarlet Chinese
Salsify- Sandwich Island Mamoth
Beans, half bush- Appaloosa
Job's Tears

Later i'll edit my stash list so i don't miss ordering anything for next year that i want to plant again. I already started a list of things to buy again when i was low on them, but now i am out.

I also put together a list of the "Last Chance" varieties at Pinetree, those are the seeds they will discontinue before next catalog. A few of my favorites are on it, so i need to stock up on those and store them well in hopes that get back in the catalog before i use them up or they expire.  See, i may need to get a mini fridge for a better reason that before.

Still reading Root Cellaring, the beginning is full of garden advice so far and i'm getting into the part of the book where they are starting to discuss actual storage. They put in a nice list of varieties that they have found to be 'good keepers' well suited to root cellar storage, i am finding that to be very helpful and i recognise many of the varieties and their suggested sources.

 I may stick pretty close to their suggestions for next year.

Its cloudy today and i went out to water the carrots and radishes i planted. The radishes are no-shows so far and i don't know if the carrots are sprouting...? There are sprouts here and there under the boards and i don't know if they are weeds. They aren't numerous enough for me to tell if they are in the grid formation i made my seed tape in...I'm used to tiny gardens made mostly up of weed-free potting soil and bagged manure, not wild dirt. Seed tape is more obvious without weeds. And have not tried growing carrots for at least 3 years now and it has been longer since before that.  So i really don't remember what a carrot seedling looks like with just seed leaves.  So, since it is a cloudy day i took the boards off and hopefully if the seedlings are not weeds the sun won't burn them. I thought carrots are supposed to take weeks to sprout, so i am befuddled.

I'd like to know where my radish sprouts are...
Again, i see sprouts in the radish bed, but they aren't coming up in a line like the seeds i planted.  I know things shift a little when watered or the roots sometimes move the leaves off to the side, but not halfway across the row.

I'll just keep waiting.

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