Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Very tired.,..

Got all the walking paths  cleared.
Got most of the beds smoothed...

I even got some sockets cut and pounded in so i could test the hoops.
I cut the sockets only 12" long so i could get 10 out of each length. It seems to be a functional length.

They are a little uneven, but that's cause my spacing wasn't exact and when the sockets go in, they like to lean in different directions. This could be fixed by making myself some sort of rigid measuring grid and making longer sockets,  but i think once the Remay is on, it won't be as obvious.
I cut the spacing strings through the beds, i think i might put them back to install all the hoops.

I want to lay out some plastic, but i think i am officially wiped out.

 ...several minutes later...

Oh!  and i just thought of something that will save me the expense of buying sandbags if i need them to hold down the row cover.  I could use plastic grocery bags. Just fill them with dirt or anything, tie them up and trim the loose ends so it doesn't look like garbage and drop them where needed.  I have a lot of them kicking around.  It came to me when i was messing around with the trash bags i might open up and use for warming the soil.

Ok,  i need to rest. Even my fingers hurt. lol

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